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Trip Totals

What a great week....
        The Wobbly Dude put to sea many times during the week. The ocean was flat, the fishing slow and the fun plentiful.

         After talking to a few other captains, we discovered where to fish and with what...it worked.
First Spanish - 2.6 LB - 16"!
1 Spanish - 2.6 LB - 16"


Week at the Beach 2008 - Oak Island, NC
August 2008

What a fun week. The weather was great, with only one day of rain. We spent many an hour on the water, yet the fishing was slow.

Our fish story of the week was the big one that got away. We hooked into something that zipped out the line. Line was racing out and we had to turn the boat around a chase it down.

 What ever we hooked was more like a rock that a fish.  It didn't run it sort of went to the bottom and sat there.  We fought it for over 30 minutes before the line broke.

I am guessing it was a large ray of some type but we shall never know.

Wobbly Dude's daughter and her friends took over the boat for a day and enjoyed boating around, sun tanning, swimming and fishing.

Wobbly Mate's wife and friend
enjoy a stroll around Southport.
  Wobbly D hooks up the Spanish Mackerel
The Wobbly Babes take over the boat and enjoy time at sea.

It was a great week and the we all had a blast.

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