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Trip Totals

It was a fun day of fishing for the boys.
        With the Wobbly Dude set up with a new stereo and a boat load of fishermen...the first true fishing excursion of 2008 was a truly exciting day!  We studied the Fisherman's Post, talked to a few of the locals and plotted a course for fish.  We found a just few and put the first king in the box.
First KING - 8 LB - 30"!
3 Sea Bass
1 King - 8 lb - 30"


1st Trip of 2008 - Oak Island, NC
June 7, 2008

     Everybody had a good feeling about this trip...We were going to catch fish.

     We plotted a course for the 12 Mile Ledge and settled in for the hour long trip.  The sea was a little rougher than expected and the trip out was a tad bouncy.  Reaching the ledge we rigged up and started trolling.

     We trolled from the 12 Mile Ledge to the 16 Mile Ledge. No bites.  We trolled on over to the 70' Hole where a few other boats were fishing.  Some trolling while others were bottom fishing. We pulled the lines around for a bit, without success. We decided to stop and try our lock on the bottom.

     Dropping in a few lines proved successful. First the Wobbly Chef pulled up a double followed shortly there after by Guy. Both had hooked small sea bass. As tasty a they would have been as an appetizer, we figured we would give then a chance to grow up.

     The Wobbly Dude did a great job of manning the helm for most of the day and seeing that the fish were small and slow to bite was ready to move on.

     As we traveled the Wobbly Dude spotted a Loggerhead Turtle swimming along.  We got a picture of it's head sticking up. We were able to pull right beside it, so close that the we could almost touch it before it dived below.

     We decided to head inward and move to the 14 Mile Rock and Christina Ledge. Once there we put lines in and trolled across the rock. On the first pass it was fish on and Captain Wobbly hooked the first King.
     Catch of the day goes to Captain Wobbly with an assist from the Chef and Wobbly Mate.  The reel while fouled bringing in the king and it was feared lost. The line was hand pulled in with no resistance.  As the end neared the boat, we were all surprised when the Chef shouted there's a fish.  Our first King, weighing in at 8 pounds and 30" in length. I can tell you that the king nuggets the Wobbly Dude 1 made for lunch the next day were awesome.

    We made a few more passes of the rock and ledge without success.


  Captain Wobbly and the 1st King Mackerel
Wobbly Dude at the helm

       Once again we moved on. We checked out AR455 on the way in. The fish finder was full of fish but none were hungry.

     We were, so we headed in for dinner. Going in Lockwood Folly Inlet during low tide is tough and a little stressful but the Wobbly Dude 1 did a great job at the helm and we all made it home safely.

All the Wobbly Dudes had a good time chasing the fish around.

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