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        True Wobbly Dudes live to fish and spend their days on the ocean hunting for smokers.  For years we did it the hard way, deep sea fishing, charter boat trips, and bumming rides with the lucky ones who have a boat.  Not any more!

        "The Wobbly Dude" as it is now known took to the water for the first time with its new owners over Labor Day weekend 2007 and the adventures began.

        Wobbly Dudes are a group of friends bound together by the spirit of life.  Friends who, work hard, play harder and truly enjoy family time.  Fishing on "The Wobbly Dude" brings us together offering us days full of laughter, adventure and great stories.

        We fish out of Oak Island, NC and usually leave out of the Lockwood Follies Inlet, but at times venture out from the Cafe Fear River.

        The boat got its name after a day on the beach where Chuck our 1st mate was a little off balance when he stood up to leave for home.  Watching him stand JR called him a Wobbly Dude.  We all laughed pretty hard and thought it might be a good name for the boat.  It stuck!  The Wobbly Dudes Competition Fishing Team was born.    What's so great about it is when people hear the name they usually laugh and it always brings a smile to their face.

        We fish off a 1999 May Craft 2300CC with a 225 Suzuki OB..  Kept in excellent condition by her past owner, "The Wobbly Dude" is the perfect boat for us and the area we enjoy fishing.

        With each outing our adventures are getting better and a perfect Wobbly Trips is...good friends, tasty food, cold drinks, great tunes,...catching BIG fish, some rays and as always enjoying lots of laughs.

        We may be still learning the tricks of the trade...but for us it's all about a good time Getting Wobbly!
        Chef Wobbly finally made it on board after being absent for the 2007 season. Now when we catch one for the frying pan our own personal chef will be ready to turn it into a truly tasty treat.
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  Jay Wobbly

Chef Wobbly

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