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Trip Totals

It's our second weekend and the results are not much better!
        We now have a second weekend under our belt and we’re getting better.  The weather only allowed us to truly fish one out of the two days.  The wind on Saturday was really blowing and it was hard to enjoy the ocean or the sound.  Sunday, however, was a beautiful day and with Wobbly Dude 1 at the helm and the song Barracuda blaring away we headed out to sea….another wobbly adventure underway.
It takes time to be truly wobbly...we're on our way!
Throw Backs = 6


Fall Adventure - Oak Island, NC
October 7-8, 2007

     We may have failed to put fish in the cooler on Saturday but Wobbly D kept us from being skunked.  Late in the day just before returning to the dock, he hooked a small Croaker.  Our only fish of the day. 

     That night instead of fresh fish it was frozen pizza for dinner.

    On Sunday our luck, was not much better.  We did get (4) four good strikes, all on Balahoo rigs.  One set the reel to screaming.  We failed to set the hook on any of the strikes, so our trolling efforts went unrewarded...
4 strikes...0 fish.

     The kids got excited hearing the sound a reel makes when it's hit and now their hooked...their just ready to see something other than half the bait on the hook when it reaches the boat.

     As the day went on we decided to attempted a little bottom fishing at AR-425 and once again managed to avoid being skunked.

     We hooked 5 little fish, none of them worth keeping.  It was Wobbly D that saved us from being skunked by catching the first fish of the day.  Captain Wobbly and Wobbly Dude each caught one...one was even caught without using a rod.....
     Catch of the day goes to Wobbly Dude 1.  When Wobbly Mate's line broke and tangled in his rod Wobbly Dude 1 helped him out.  When he pulled the line in by hand to save the rig there was a fish on the hook.

  1st Fish of the day (Sunday)

Once again "The Wobbly Dudes" were not skunked...
Weekend total - 2 Croakers and 4 Pinfish.
Nothing large enough for the frying pan!

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