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Fishing was slow but the test ride was a success!
        After hours of work getting the Wobbly Dude ready for the season it was time for a test trip.  The boat ran perfectly. It was chilly and the water around 68+ so the fishing was slow.  It didn't matter it was just great to be back on the ocean.
2008 is going to be a great wobbly year!
Throw Backs = To many to count.


Test Ride, 1st Trip - Oak Island, NC
April 19, 2008

     Once again the fishing was slow.  this was just a short day to get the Wobbly Dude and it's gear ready for the trips to come. 

     We did a little bottom fishing and could have filled the boat up with pin fish. The way they were stealing our bait...it was more like feed fish than catching fish.

     Each of the kids pulled in a few and for us...it's always a good day when they have fun. They are still waiting for a real fish and wonder when we will catch something to eat.

     As the day wound down we decided to pull a few lines as we motored homeward. Putting out a mixed selection of treats we slowly made our way home.  I we had one strike...it was a hit and run. The hook never set.

     We had a good laugh at the new downrigger rod, as more than once it gave us a fake strike like noise and bend. It will take us a little practice to perfect the new rod but it looks as if it will help add fish to the boat once the water temperature is right.
     Catch of the day goes to Wobbly D.  He managed to hook three or more pin fish in the back.  He made it hard for them to get away with stealing his bait. First fish of the season was caught by Chef Wobbly...to bad it was so small you couldn't even find it in the pan.

  Chef Wobbly and the 1st Fish of 2008

Yet to be skunked...and that's a great way to start 2008!

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